Restaurant Review: Zoko 822 in Grand Rapids, MI

Despite a busy travel schedule at the end of 2017 and into 2018, I attempt to maintain my commitment to balanza through food, family and friends, and fun.  A little diversion is oftentimes just what we need to gain (or gain back) some perspective -- especially as we start a new year.  So when my group of Spanish friends suggested that we catch up over food and drinks at a new Spanish restaurant in town, I couldn't say no.

Zoko 822 is Basque-themed Spanish restaurant that offers small plates ("tapas") and a few larger-sized portions ("raciones").

"  País   Vasco" (in Castilian Spanish), located in the northern part of Spain, is called the "Basque region" in English.

"País Vasco" (in Castilian Spanish), located in the northern part of Spain, is called the "Basque region" in English.

The Basque region in Spain is home to one of Spain's four official languages, Basque, or "Euskara."  It is a linguistic phenomenon because the origins of the language have not historically been traceable to a specific cultural influence.  The word "zoko" or "txoko" in the Basque language is a noun that refers to individuals coming together to cook and eat through and in community.  As is common in Spain, food is created, explored, and enjoyed through socialization, and the Basque region is no different.

Already very familiar with Spanish food, my friends and I ordered two of each small plate (tapas).  We ordered small plates ranging from pan con tomate (bread with tomato sauce), albóndigas de pollo (chicken meatballs), tortilla española (Spanish potato omelette with potato, egg, and onion), gambas a la plancha (grilled shrimp), croquetas de espinaca (croquettes with spinach), pork loin with cabbage, and roasted broccoli.  We ordered the Basque cake and crema catalana (Catalan cream) for dessert.

Roasted broccoli and chicken meatball

Roasted broccoli and chicken meatball

What Zoko 822 got right:  The food was tasty.  In particular, the pork loin was the most flavorful and definitely the best dish we tried.  The variety of tapas offered was diverse, and the menu presented options that were true to tapas typically served in Spain.

What Zoko 822 could improve:  The portions were small and somewhat overpriced.  Tapas in Spain are usually much more generous generally than in the U.S., but these plates were tiny.  Also, some of the Spanish food was a different shape or had a different flavor compared to what is typically served in Spain (for example, the croquettes were small balls of fried dough instead of their traditional oblong shape when served in Spain).  Finally, I did not find the food to be traditionally Basque.  In my experience, these were all very well-known Spanish tapas served gourmet style.  

Overall, I think Zoko 822 is worth a try, but I left a bit disappointed given the prices, sizes, and authenticity.  I will probably only return if their menu changes a bit to incorporate other Basque or Spanish dishes that I would like to try.

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