Why Balanza?


Hello and hola!  My name is Melanie, and I love telling stories with positive impact.

I am a young lawyer and Spanish speaker.  I am a lover of professional development and continued learning, fresh foods and flavorful recipes, heavy weights and cardio, and self-compassion and breathing exercises.  


My passion is helping others become the best version of themselves through increased self-awareness both personally and professionally.  Welcome to sharing this healthy space with me!


Balanza is Spanish for "balance."  After having lived in Spain and embracing Spaniards' appreciation for life, I incorporate Spanish cultural lessons on living a balanced life throughout my writings.  I love how a plate of food, a good workout, or a legal issue I work on can reveal a tender story.


Balanza and Beyond is an endeavor to share information I have learned along my professional and personal journeys so that your own path can be easier and better, and so that you don't have to endure (or so that you may better cope with) some of the same challenges that I have experienced.  So, bienvenido/a a tu propia forma de balanza (welcome to your own form of balance).  It is my hope that these writings encourage you to share your own balanced story with the world as well.

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