Balanza at Work

This section is dedicated to exploring tips to achieve balanza at work, whether you work remotely, in a private office, in an open office environment, or in some other space that changes based on business needs.  Here is a sample of what's to come . . .

  • Organizational tips for your work space

  • Time- and project-management techniques

  • Tips for interactions with customers, colleagues, and supervisors

  • At-work mindfulness practices

  • Interviewing skills tips and resume-writing assistance


In the spirit of self care, Balanza & Beyond is excited to share its home for rent in northern Michigan — a quiet, peaceful getaway for vacation seekers, outdoorsy folks, and water lovers — coming soon!!!

Features to help you create your own work-life balance at our northern Michigan retreat:

--House is located on a quiet street nestled between a small downtown and public beach

--Bright, airy, modern space

--Wireless internet

--Large collaborative surface areas for groups or team projects (e.g. table and island area)

--TV screen easily convertible to a monitor for large display

--Nearby restaurants, bars, and beach offer the opportunity for team-building outings within walking distance

—Available for booking soon!